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Jordyn WILL return Dec 21

Victoria BC

Coming Soon

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  • Fri NITE at the Museum
  • Sat NITE CCE Review
  • Blow & Go


My name is Katelyn

My name is indicative of my nature. My curves begin just below my neck. My landscape displays mountains (Natural G cup breasts) followed by flat plains and rounding up with more curves before entering my forest. My feline characteristics augment my purr prior to the eruption of my sexual ferocity. 


Jessi's my name

Playing is my game. I am pretty open already and eager to explore. I am wild by nature and can be found where the wild things are (when I am not here of course) When you enter my plane of existence you do so with a warning .... smile


My name is Raina

I s'pose my greatest assets are my life experiences. I am well adjusted. This industry is my 2nd life. My sexual explorations would bring hot cheeks to many. You get to embrace this as a matter of course. Retire to the boudoir of my arms and allow me to take you on a journey to a different world.


I am Madison

I am ALL about TOUCH! I am, simply defined - SENSUAL. I am comfortable in the dark and easily aroused through my sense of "feeling". TOUCH me! Let me TOUCH you! I am thrilled to pleasure you and take pride that we can enjoy the moments and each other. My youth is augmented with a bubbly and mature attitude. 


My name is Zoe


The easiest way to profile myself - is to - profile myself ... so ... click below. Don't let your intimidation's guide you


My name is Callie

I am new to CCE. I AM dynamite in a small package. I AM totally into my job which is easily proven via an appointment. I have a wonderful, playful and sensual pussyality. Let me ROCK your senses (and other parts of your body ... smile


My name is Kristina

Kristina is currently on personal leave.

When you come and see me you are taking an international trip. You are entering a culture zone and there is much interest between these shores. My skin is soft. My sensuality is captivating. It is my intent to provide you with moments that will take your breath away. BTW - I LOVE both softball and football and play.


My name is Raven

HEY BOYZ.... I AM back! In case you don't remember - I am a ton-of-fun. I guess I am considered alumni around here and am eager to get back in the saddle (so to speak) so --- tie your horse up at the rails and come on in cowboy. Let's dance!


My name is Ella

Gents, Gals, Hunks, Babes - Hell - if you are Human - Bite - well, maybe not bite - but then - maybe I will. Argh! Let me nibble and I will decide how great you taste and adjust my mandibles accordingly. Bottom line?! I just want to have fun and pleasure you to death! Want it?


My name is Molly

Hey - I am a simple girl with simple tastes and simple values. I am at home in a Jersey (naked underneath of course)  as I am in lingerie. Dress me in holey jeans, put me on a soccer field (with the team - what else?) and see what pops up ....


My name is Abby

I may look gentle here - BUT - between the Sheets? -  ooh boy! Action time!


My name is Asia!!

I am not as famous as the food of the district where my name comes from ... BUT ... I am just as tasty ... (smile - maybe more!) By the way - I am pretty open minded - if it is sex, I am likely to entertain it. 'Nuff said -You know what to do next ... (hint .... CLICK)

Welcome VISITING Girls

Jordyn's LAST WEEK is over

We are sorry to see her go


She WILL return

DEC 21

short stint only - book in advance