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     Class Choice was created to provide a safe and supportive environment for ladies in the industry to practice the sensual arts and explore them with our respectful and curious clientele.  We were originally created by a woman, for women, to ensure providers in our line of service are represented with class and tact.  We continue to be run by that same lady, with no male investors or advisers.  We hire all varieties of gender identities and celebrate this. As a "modeling agency" we are continually hiring SP's providing employment in the Victoria, Colwood and Langford area. 

     We are always seeking open-minded, employees or contractors with a friendly nature and professional outlook.  Our ladies work with us because they want to, not because they feel ‘stuck’ or have to.  We have a drug and alcohol-free working environment to ensure everyone is making sound choices and loving their work.  Perhaps you have a flare for acting, a skill for making people feel comfortable, or a gift for asking the right questions to learn what makes someone tick and their heart race…Whatever your talents are, each of our ladies has their own combination, and we market you according to the persona you want to project.  This is always the opportunity to start yourself anew and surround yourself with pleasure and fans.

     Should you be new to this industry, our team will take you under their wing to explain the finer details and subtleties that make for a successful career, whether it be short term or long term.  When connecting with the client, our team aims to curate a mutually beneficial experience that will be the right fit and resonate with both of you in a tantalizing way.  Our agency is licensed to practice in the City of Victoria at our discrete private house and to make outcalls to hotels as well as private residences depending on the lady’s preferences.  We place a high value on both service provider and client discretion and safety. 

     Our ladies are invited to market themselves alongside our marketing campaigns.  Should their efforts result in a connection with a new client, there is a discount in the agency fee for that call.  Everyone benefits from making more connections and we see no need to interfere with the natural relationships you may already have with your current clients or your list of favorites.  We also see no need to control these, should everyone be benefiting.

     Should you be considering this line of work or working with our agency, we invite you to meet with us for a tour. Feel free to email or contact us by telephone. employment hiring modeling agency

Always in a state of hiring new SP's

We offer ongoing tours of the space and an opportunity for you to ask us any questions before even telling us your talents or meeting our team!

Most days, one-on-one tours can be at 10am, 2pm, or 5pm.

It is best to connect with us about this by telephone first, but email also works.