virgin experiences

Why book with CCE?

 There are lots of reasons why our Clients choose to come see us. Usually, it is the most uncomplicated way for busy professionals to meet open-minded beautiful women.
We are very versatile, uninhibited and will often cater to special requests. Refer to the FAQ's in this section

am i breaking the law?

No, not at all.  We are a liscenced agency that books time and arranges comfortable meeting spaces for you and a lady to connect.  You are paying for your lady's time and the accommodation fees.  What two high spirited adults choose to do with their time is entirely up to them, and we make no assumptions.


   Absolutely, they are 100% genuine! The only editing done is to remove tattoos or other identifying marks. We respect our clients, and understand that our clients demand trust. Therefore we go out of our way to ensure the photos are not only real, but recent as we 

what are in-calls and out-calls?

   If you book an out-call appointment, she comes to you – most often to your hotel room. For an ‘in-call’ you can visit her at our in-call location. Social ‘Out-call’ appointments are perfect for clients who like to take their companion for dinner or to a function.

payment methods

 Cash is the ONLY form of payment accepted.
Canadian dollars are the preferred choice; however, we MAY be in a position to accept other major currencies.  USD accepted at companions discretion at par.

special requests

 Your companion will be eager to please! Discuss your requirements PRIOR to your appointment date to ensure your mutual pleasure and avoid misunderstandings. Our ladies are never expected to perform any acts they are not interested in.

hush hush shhh shhh

how confidential is this?

 This is entirely between you and your companion. If you choose to book an outcall your companion will have security measures in place for her safety and this would include letting our phone staff where she is going and the duration of the appointment. If you extend your booking with your companion at the time, please be aware that she will need to update her contact. Your companion may have a `driver`. They will wait discreetly for instructions from her 

Let me help ou with FAQ's

What is your house like?

It is a private house in Victoria with 3 rooms as well as a private VIP suite with a shower.  Full shower facilities are available in the main house as well. The property is surrounded by a 10 ft hedge to ensure privacy.

can my partner and i see someone together?

 Of course! Make your preferences known when you book you appointment. There may be a surcharge added and the amount is at the companion’s discreti

how do i negotiate rates?

 You simply DO NOT.  Rates are non-negotiable as our staff use their professional skills to make a living in the same way your lawyer or accountant does!



both at the beginning and end!

     Should you choose to have a shower while the lady and you have time booked together, that is entirely up to you, but it does indeed come out of the time you have booked together. She is on and engaged with you, as you wish, from the time she greets you until that last kiss goodbye and she escorts you to the door.  

     Once again, as the lady takes no other callers, and takes no personal time, yet is still responsible for greeting you and seeing you off, the time you take to shower also potentially takes away from her time with you as well.  You don't want her sitting there lonely with no one to pleasure her that whole time?  Or do you?  


     Our house is run so that the only lady you encounter is the one you have booked time with.  This process is to ensure the most discretion possible to our clients.  That being said, men are not set free about the house without their lady in waiting!  I am sure you can understand the process and the logistics complications that could arise (assuming you understand that everyone might not be as well behaved nor eager as yourself, my Friend).

You might want to invite her into the shower with you?

 But each lady is different (some would prefer you to only see them in perfect form with make-up and hair done, others find they are sexified by the wet-steamy look).    Mia and some of the other girls offer an amazing shower experience.