about jessi

     Jessi is enthusiastic, celebratory and thoughtful.  She is won over by the gentle and sweetness of her suitors.  She enjoys the element of contrast.  Often unwrapping her floral, robe and furry slippers leads to surprise when she reveals a confidant model's body strapped and bound by black lace lingerie.  When asked about her kinky aspects, she finds something new and different in each experience: can we marry this girl because no two days will ever be the same!?

     Jessi is tall, slender and graceful.  Her hair falls and flows like a dream in a field with the farm-girl next door.  She has some small tattoos on her arms and legs.  She is 19 years old.

reviews and feedback

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typically in house

Monday 3:30-8:30

Wednesday 3:30-8:30

Saturday 10am-3pm

32B-24-32 slim model 5'7" blue eyes waist-length blonde hair